Top Oslo Attractions

Oslo is one of the largest capitals in the world in terms of area. The beautiful capital city of Norway attracts travelers with its vast number of parks and open spaces which are spread evenly across the city. In Oslo, there is no place that is not beautiful. Starting from the city’s main street, Karl Johans gate to the Royal Palace, there is a wide range of Oslo famous attractions and activities for travelers to participate in. Some of the famous activities to do in Oslo include; take photos of the Royal Palace, walk around Akershus Fortress and enjoy the view, visit the Nobel Peace Center, admire the architecture of Oslo’s city hall, visit the Trinity church, learn the history of the Viking ship museum, have lunch at the Oslo street food market, take a boat trip on Oslofjord, and many more.

Thanks to the city center that is a joy to explore, you can book walking tours or bike tours to have direct communication with the city and the locals. You can have your Oslo museum tickets booked already so that you will explore the rich cultural and historical artifacts stacked up in its museums and galleries. Bus sightseeing tours in Oslo are also excellent ways to move round the city’s wide range of road networks. Since it’s a capital city, you are sure to find a lively city and you won’t want to be stressed with navigating the roads yourself. Your exploration is not complete without a food tour. The best of Norway’s food you shouldn’t miss include Farikal (Mutton and Cabbage), Lapskaus (Stew), Kjottkaker (Meatballs), Smalahove (Sheep’s Head), Rommegrot (Sour Cream Porridge), and many more. Finish off the day with a sunset cruise tour which is one of the best things to do in Oslo at night.

There are also other specific activities in Oslo too. They include day trips from Prague to explore far-away and neighboring attractions. Check list below for all tour options carefully handpicked by reading hundreds of honest travelers’ comments. We also compare prices of each option from top suppliers to help travelers with all kinds of budgets. All information about each ticket is as well provided so that you won’t book blindly.

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1. How much do tickets for Oslo sightseeing attractions cost?

Tickets to Oslo's top sightseeing attractions typically cost around NOK 330 - 650, depending on the attraction.

2. How can I purchase tickets for Oslo sightseeing attractions?

Tickets for Oslo's attractions can be purchased online through the various attraction websites, in local visitor centers, ticketing kiosks, or onsite at the attraction itself.

3. Are there any discounts or deals available for Oslo sightseeing attractions?

Yes, several attractions offer a variety of discounts and deals that are available online or at the box office.

4. Are there any private tour options available for Oslo sightseeing attractions?

Yes, many tour companies offer private tours to Oslo's top attractions, including guided tours and self-guided tours.

5. Are there any free attractions in Oslo?

While there are plenty of attractions that have admission fees, there are also several free attractions, such as parks, monuments, and museums.

6. Are there any discounts available for students at Oslo sightseeing attractions?

Yes, many attractions offer discounted ticket prices for students. Student ID cards will be required to access these discounts.

7. How can I find out more information about Oslo sightseeing attractions?

The official Oslo Visitor Guide website provides extensive information about the city's attractions, including images, reviews, admission prices, addresses, and opening times.

8. Are there any discounts for children at Oslo sightseeing attractions?

Yes, some attractions offer discounted ticket prices for children. Children will need to be accompanied by an adult and must present valid identification at the time of purchase.

9. Are there guided tours available for the Oslo attractions?

Yes, there are several guided tour companies that offer tours to several of the major Oslo attractions. Each company may offer different types of tours and have varying prices.

10. Is there an easy way to compare different Oslo sightseeing attractions?

Yes, several sites provide detailed comparison charts between different attractions in Oslo so that you can make an informed decision based on the attractions available.